Thursday, April 2, 2009


A lone ranger you could call him
As he leads his people to a dream whose chances look slim
All he’s got is a clean heart and a clear thought
And a faith stronger than an army of a million to ever have fought

His opponents are strong, fierce and many more in number
Such acts of violence; it can wake a dead man from his slumber
Shaken and stirred he is not through acts of oppression
It saddens him a great deal, such destruction

As faith is tested repeatedly, decades roll by
Lone ranger now old, his dream still a far cry
His people though loyal feel saddened by the strife
As they suffer endlessly, almost an entire life

What good is it, you may ask
In an age where might is right to wear a saintly mask ?
But little do you know; what set out as a family of a few
Has now reached millions across borders, in lands new

A faith that held so strong in the heart of one man
Has now reached out in a way, far more than the gun can
For might may be right to few from a foolish kin

But it is faith that holds the key to a sure shot win :)


  1. If these poems were shown to me and I were asked which of my friends penned them, I'll be sure it's you. Keep them flowing, they might be the only way to remain sane the way markets are right now!...cheers.

  2. wow...thanks...I take that as a compliment :) Whats new at your end Gopal?