Thursday, April 2, 2009


A lone ranger you could call him
As he leads his people to a dream whose chances look slim
All he’s got is a clean heart and a clear thought
And a faith stronger than an army of a million to ever have fought

His opponents are strong, fierce and many more in number
Such acts of violence; it can wake a dead man from his slumber
Shaken and stirred he is not through acts of oppression
It saddens him a great deal, such destruction

As faith is tested repeatedly, decades roll by
Lone ranger now old, his dream still a far cry
His people though loyal feel saddened by the strife
As they suffer endlessly, almost an entire life

What good is it, you may ask
In an age where might is right to wear a saintly mask ?
But little do you know; what set out as a family of a few
Has now reached millions across borders, in lands new

A faith that held so strong in the heart of one man
Has now reached out in a way, far more than the gun can
For might may be right to few from a foolish kin

But it is faith that holds the key to a sure shot win :)


Searching for the unknown
Surrounded by multitudes but still alone
What is it that I seek?
I know not but inward I must peek
Say many learned men whose paths are clear
For they were fraught not with fear
Of losing loved ones or leaving their wealth
And cared not for future security, prosperity or health
Their goal was to resign to the supreme
To understand their purpose and wake up from this dream
Is this the only way I often ask
Its not so easy taking off the mask
It if I need to be certain of this
Guess there’s no other way to do it miss!!


Looking for meaning in words and deeds
In an endless array of events, in a medley of needs
A human desire at times for a comfort zone
To know that people care to what I am prone
Help it does though briefly
Cause time speeds by oh so swiftly
And what is constant is a pattern
With highs and lows one cant flatten
So I look for meaning in that which is timeless
Which is beyond faces and stuff mindless
It’s an inner glow I begin to know
That I'll never grow out of and keep wanting more
Only this will sustain in all time to come
The only meaning I need...would you care for some :)


Have you ever witnessed the break of dawn?
That transformation when each day hits upon a new song
And shadows of the night before
Are left behind and bother you no more
When rays of gold mingle with each other
And sunflowers around look up together
Amidst the golden hue of that beautiful morning
A new day is born…its an awakening!

My World

Skyscrapers and glitzy places seen in the twilight
What about those on the street or their plight ?

Coffee shops and world cuisines galore
Yet those without a morsel are a few billion more

Designer labels and fashion houses chic
But dead bodies from frost one can still pick

Animals are petted to extremes bizarre
We yet turn a deaf ear to a meek cry not afar

Distance between countries no longer a reality
But we can’t bridge the gap to realize our own identity

What knowledge are we are proud of as a race?
If we cant handle our own selfish pace

Is this how my world is meant to be?

Truth is..It’s still my own making so the onus is on me!!

Ma Divine

She showed up in a picture
On a beach an odd juncture

A golden figure...I saw her
Not all seemed they weren't as sure

The next time she popped in my mind's eye
In all her glory, so radiant, demure, even somewhat shy

Soon, we struck upon a conversation
i poured my heart out....cried in submission

She said she was by my side
All would be well....she would be my guide

Often I would approach her in the days to come
My confidante she became....even somewhat my chum

With her watching over me I know all will be well
Worries are at bay and my days are so swell

Grrr...someone's drivin me nuts

Well, this isnt how I thought I'm gonna start  I am trying to think creative and write some awesome stuff which I feel a connection with but that's not destined I suppose. Coz the buzz in my head is being overshadowed by another noisier one...One that is created by a certain Gandharva -`a celestial being' who got kicked off his comfort zone up in the skies coz he created too much buzz there upsetting his master. So banished he was from the heavens and now we have to just put up with him ...hmmm. Life is difficult....thank god for that.. else I would've got so bored listening to all that talk on recession.